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Imagine overcoming the little voice in your head that says “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll be alone forever”.

Feel confident and happy again

Love and accept your body at a CORE Level

Upscale your career and finances

Successfully navigate the online dating world

Attract & Create an amazing new life with a Magnificent Man

Most single, separated or divorced women I talk to feel stuck and frustrated when it comes to creating their new life and finding a high quality man. They begin to fear that maybe there is something wrong with THEM, and that they will grow old and be alone for the rest of their lives. They want to be happy, confident and excited about their future, and whilst many long for love, they don’t want to settle.  

The good news is you don’t have to.  Everything you want is absolutely possible.

 Keep reading to find out more…

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 What if I told you there was a system that would enable you to let go of the past, to live life on your own terms, and will help you to attract and keep the man of your dreams, all within the next 12 months?


Discover A Completely New, Powerful Way To Live.

Hit "RESET" on Your Life After Divorce

Over the last 5 years, I have helped thousands of single, separated and divorced women rebuild their lives, create their dream lifestyle, and find an ideal man.

The key is to release your past, eliminate old behaviours that were holding you back, regain your confidence and to attract the right type of men. This has a few benefits:

✔ You get to start again and hit “reset” on your life, and create a life that serves you, so it’s full of fun and adventure.

You get to clearly see your own Beauty, Strength and Power even if you don’t feel beautiful or special right now.

You become a stronger woman… vivacious, confident, kind and magnetic.

You’ll build stronger relationships with family, friends and work colleagues, even if previously strained.

You’ll make great new friends and build a supportive network.

You’ll get over your ex and learn what real intimate love is and protect yourself from falling into toxic relationships.

✔ You’ll never feel inadequate or not good enough ever again...

✔ You'll break the cycle of attracting the wrong men and constantly getting hurt.

✔ You’ll attract emotionally healthy Magnificent, Masculine Men who will truly love, respect and adore you.

✔ You’ll co-create a relationship where you can be yourself, feel safe and just melt into him, even if you failed in love in the past

So, How Does It Work?

I’ll share with you my exact system at this upcoming live event. 

Here are just some examples of clients I’ve worked with, helping them reset their lives, create their own happiness and attract their ideal man.

"I was living in a state of uncertainty. I wasn’t moving forward after my divorce and felt as if I didn’t know how. I most definitely feared to step out into the dating world as I didn’t feel I knew what I wanted and most definitely worried I would pick the same type of man again. I somehow knew when Fiona May came across my Facebook feed I had found something of value for my healing... It changed my life and made it awesome, I've helped my kids, I got a promotion at work, l am so happy and have abundant confidence, I'm now dating and love my life. I'll be forever grateful to Fiona. I recommend Fiona to any woman who wants to love herself, her life and attract a great man. It really helped me move on with ease. "

Joanne S.

"I needed to try something different as what I was doing in an effort to heal after the demise of my 20 year marriage was not working. I was filled with grief, despair and fear. After completing the Shine program with Fiona, I have my sense of self restored, I no longer live in fear and I am living my life consciously and with gratitude. I now show up as a confident self assured woman and I don't live in my head anymore. Everything in my life changed. I control my thoughts, feelings and emotions so I confidently handle anything that comes up for me. The new tools I learnt are priceless. I am a better Mother and teacher now. I am confident and not stuck anymore. I use the strategies and tools I learnt everyday. I can't thank Fiona and her team enough!"

Alison R.

"I was married for 30 years when my husband walked out and my mother became terminally ill. It felt as though the bottom had fallen out of my world. My kids had left home and it was suddenly just me and my dog. I existed like this for 2 years. Time felt meaningless. I started working with Fiona and said goodbye to the person I was dating, did my core healing work, got a promotion and pay rise and met the love of my life. It is the most amazing new chapter in my life and I am so grateful to Fiona and would strongly recommend her and her Program. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Fiona cares passionately and she is real. Her care and support were beyond what I had expected. I wish you good fortune and love. "

Karen H.

I could go on and on with examples, (and there are more at the bottom) but I’m sure you get the idea...

Now I’d like to share this system with you at our Free 3-day Live Event.

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Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

Fiona May, International Transition & Relationship Coach

Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story.

I’m Fiona May.  I live in Perth, was married at 18, started my first business at 21, had 3 children by 25 and became a successful businesswoman.

Over my 32 year career I built a international business (t/o $10m+ per year) and love learning, studied, worked hard, and spent over $100,000 on my own personal development and business education.  I thrive on challenges and have loved growing my mind and career to achieve all of my goals. 

In 2014, after 28 years of marriage, my husband and I retired financially free at 48. On our first post-retirement holiday he told me he was leaving me for a Thai Bargirl he met the week before on a golf trip.

He was having a midlife crisis... and I was left devastated.

I had to find my way through an unexpected and painful divorce whilst continuing to run our business, look after my 65 staff, rebuild myself, support my kids and keep a united family. I could barely function at first, so I threw myself into studying divorce psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strategic Intervention and Family Therapy to help myself survive and to be able to move forward and rebuild my life.  

2 years later, I met my partner Paul, and it was then that people started to ask me for advice on how I recovered so quickly from my heartbreak, wasn’t bitter and had attracted a great man.

I founded Women On Transition as I became passionate about helping woman transition after divorce. Since then have trained and educated a community of over 6,000 single women worldwide who have been through a separation or divorce using my step-by-step plan to help them to hit "reset" on their lives. The results we achieve together speak for themselves and you can read a few of them on this page. Every day I receive heartfelt thanks and get to celebrate with my clients the difference my team and I make in their lives.

Clients tell me they love how "real" we are, our results-focused attitude, and because I have first-hand experience in going through a painful divorce and coming out the other side stronger than ever, I understand exactly what they are going through and know how to get them to where they want to be. I love what I do, because being a Post Divorce Transition and Relationship Coach allows me to help women through this extremely challenging time in their lives.

I want you to succeed and if you come to this event, I guarantee you will come away with some amazing breakthroughs.

I look forward to meeting you!
Fiona May x

I'M IN! Notify Me Of The Next Event

This is a question I actually get asked a lot – I assume what people really mean is “What’s the catch? Is it just going to be a pitch-fest where you hard-sell us for 3 days?”

Well, I guarantee I won’t be hard-selling at you for 3 days! The event is exceptional value and full of great content. There are actually a few reasons I offer this event free. Here goes:

  • I believe in “walking the talk” – I give you a lot of valuable information for free, which I find is a great way to start a relationship (rather than asking you for something up front).
  • treat people the way I like to be treated. I don’t like to feel manipulated or “sold to”. I prefer to get to know people first, and see if they are the “real deal” before committing to buy something from them. I assume you feel the same way.
  • I don’t believe in showing you just enough to tease you, and then asking you to pay to get the real stuff. I hate those sorts of events too! What I really love are events that are not just the “tease”, but the real nuts and bolts. Enough information to implement and get results straight away, without having to fork out more money.
  • I know that if you get great value from the event, and you like what you see, you may be interested in continuing to work with me after the event.
  • If you don’t, that’s OK. You will still have gotten lots of valuable information that you can apply in your own time. And I will have hopefully made a difference in your life.
  • If you had a great experience (whether or not you choose to work with me later) you’re likely to tell others about it. A lot of our clients come from word of mouth. I find that treating others the way I like to be treated is a great way to grow a long term, sustainable business.

UNLOCK Your Feminine Power

You will gain access to the kind of power that will support you to:

  • Liberate yourself from self-doubt and insecurity, become authentically confident and visible, and be recognised and rewarded for what you do.
  • Make the shift from simply surviving to thriving financially.
  • Discover your true “genius” so that you can create a career or business that will allow you to share your unique gifts and fulfil your life’s purpose and calling
  • Be supported, loved and valued by all the people close to you, so you can become the best version of yourself
  • Release blocks that may be contributing to chronic health challenges such as depression, anxiety, fatigue or weight issues allowing you to move forward with limitless energy and wellbeing
  • Completely release your past, heal your hurt and learn to trust yourself and others. 
  • Attract a true equal and create the intimate, loving relationship you yearn for
  • Feel like you are finally LIVING your destiny as the woman you were born to become…
  • And so much more!

...And while these may sound like amazing RESULTS, they are the kind of REAL changes that thousands of women have reported they’ve been able to achieve directly as a result of healing at a core level and unlocking their Feminine Power.

Imagine what you can transform or create when you unlock your true potential!

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During the FREE 3 Day Seminar You’ll Discover:


✔ How to be Feminine and why you MUST let down the walls you’ve built up to create the life you were born to live.

✔ Fiona’s own journey to unlocking her True Self and how she created the relationship, career, finances and the ability to contribute and inspire as she does.

✔ How to identify and shift the #1 INNER BARRIER that has held you back from the success and impact you KNOW you can have.

✔ How to strengthen your intuition and connect to your higher self to guide you towards your true destiny.

✔ The secret to manifesting something BIG in your life. It’s rarely talked about, but it works - and you’ll hear stories of other post divorce women who are living proof!

✔ The power that opens up when you’re supported by a global tribe of women and so much more!

It is an investment in our future and contains the tools for continuous growth. The program is so much more than just about finding someone - it’s about finding ourselves. It sets you up with the tools to shine in all aspects and relationships in life." 
- Becky Wood


"Working with Fiona has been a joy. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise in business and coaching helped me get a new position that more than doubled my salary and helped me complete my past and get over my ex. I’ve taken huge leaps forward this year." 
- Sally A.


If you're looking for an expert to walk you through the process of healing and growing after divorce, I highly recommended the wonderful Fiona May!  I feel like I’m in the final stages of my healing and looking to start dating soon. Dating was once like a drug to me and I used men for validation and love but now I love myself and know I am a gift so won’t be settling for what I have in the past.  I am actually busy now with my career, new apartment and have lots of new friends and love getting out, what I didn’t use to do. Her years of experience made the process a breeze and anytime I needed direction she wasn't far away with the right answer.  
- Sheryl Woods

Thanks for your honesty and your ability to share such insight. So glad that I was able to find you, and I know it was divine intervention as I don’t believe in coincidence. You’ve helped me and my family so much.  We are all healing now and I’ll be forever grateful for my united family. 
- Carol Brown

As a woman who has tried many self help programs, read many books (I have my own personal library on self help books) attended retreats and spent thousands of dollars on psychologists over the past 6 years I decided this was my last go at trying to figure out what was wrong with me! Nothing is wrong with me.  I was just subconsciously living a life that I thought was real. After working with Fiona and doing her Program I began to see changes. I feel fantastic, I know I have tools that can help me love me, truly love me. I am so grateful to Fiona for the program as it did change my life for the better and it still is.  
- Nat Bennett 

I am a financially independent twice widowed mother of 3 independent young men- the world should have been my oyster, but I was just living day to day- some days better than others. Fiona Mays coaching and the support network of the other Shine ladies, along with a bit of work and introspection throughout the Shine program has transformed me to live a conscious fulfilled life where I can’t wait to get up and going each and every day. Thank you Fiona May.

- Jean Waugh


This FREE, 3-day live event has been postponed due to COVID-19 travel bans within Australia. Please register to be notified as soon as we are ready to host another event. 

RESET YOUR LIFE is an event where you will want to attend all sessions.  Missing a session or day could mean you miss the element YOU actually require.  

Please plan on attending all days and all sessions.

Yes.  What you learn will be really beneficial to any single woman so we encourage it.  It will also help you to have positive, inspired friends around you as you make this amazing journey to your new life.  Bring them along and make it a weekend you'll never forget!

Share and invite all your single girlfriends! 

No.  One of the key differences in how we teach is we give you information and then get you to apply it so being in the room is the only way you can experience this type of quality information.  It's a fun, practical workshop delivered by experienced coaches.  ❤️👍🙏

Tickets obtained, free or VIP are non-transferable.  

With the VIP ticket, If something comes up and you absolutely cannot attend, you may transfer your registration to a future Women On Transition event or receive a credit towards another training program with Fiona May (with no expiration date).

This is a great time to prioritise yourself and make yourself the most important person in your life - so just commit and be there!  

What you're really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?

YES, YES! You do. 

This program invites you to go from where you are now and transform to become the best version of yourself.

You are beautiful, worthy and lovable and we'll be sharing with you invaluable tools so you truly believe that.

The real question is, are you willing to start believing in you?

If you are, we can help you and the event will be amazing for you. 🙏👍❤️

The event is at the Sheraton Four Points in Perth so you can stay at the hotel.  However anywhere within walking distance in the city will be fine. There are plenty of hotels and AirBnb’s available. ❤️👍🙏

You'll have 1 hour for lunch. There is a restaurant at the hotel or restaurants nearby so there will be plenty of options.

Have a question not listed here?

Feel free to message us here: [email protected]

NOTE: Please review the FULL FAQ and details which will be sent to your email before the event with more logistics, what not to bring, etc.

“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

 ― Hillel the Elder

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I can’t wait to guide you through this exact process, so you can create your new life and step into your destiny.

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To your greatness, 

Fiona May
Founder, Women On Transition

"Before the Shine Program, I was living in a state of uncertainty. I wasn’t moving forward after my divorce and felt as if I didn’t know how. I most definitely feared to step out into the dating world as I didn’t feel I knew what I wanted and most definitely worried I would pick the same type of man again. I somehow knew when the Shine Program came across my Facebook feed I had found something of value for my healing... It changed my life and I'll be forever grateful to Fiona May. I recommend it to any woman who wants to love herself, her life and attract a great man. It really helped me! "

Joanne Schafer


The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients. However their results may not be your results. Specific results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person. If you want the same results as these ladies, you need to put in the work and do the exercises. Show up for yourself and we can help you do the rest.

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