We are all about helping women be happy and become the best version of them selves after separation or divorce

At Woman on Transition, we love our ladies! We help them HEAL, GROW & LOVE themselves and Create an EMPOWERING Life after Separation, Divorce or being Widowed. Fiona May and Kody Steddy (Mother and Son Team) started WOT after Fiona separated from her husband of 30 years. She was devastated as many women are going through this painful experience, but through her many years of studying NLP and learning Strategic Intervention, and Kody's support, was able to heal and find love again. After meeting her new partner and enjoying a happy long term relationship, she and her son Kody help thousands of women to positively and proactively empower themselves so they can confidently and courageously live their life and attract a great man.

Fiona has been through what you have faced and come out the other side happier and healthier in every way.

Kody provides the much needed masculine perspective and understanding of the way men think that many of our clients don't have when they join us.

What Can We Do For You?

Our clients achieve their personal and relationship goals faster and easier than they ever thought possible. 
This has shown to benefit everything in their life because they:

  • Are emotionally free, unattached to their past & grateful for where they are.
  • Live powerfully, embrace their own greatness, have self confidence and have learnt to really love themselves. 
  • Stop telling their story and focus on living in the present & live consciously. 
  • Learnt to forgive their ex, rebuild their family and can easily celebrate family events together.
  • Learnt how to trust themselves, speak their truth and trust others.
  • Now able to talk and feel comfortable when they connect and meet new men. 
  • Attract the love they want and don't sit around waiting, hoping and praying. 
  • Have soulful, amazing relationships with their kids, family, friends and any new man they meet.
  • Learn how to successfully date, even if it had been years and they were really scared to begin with.
  • Know how to avoid men who won't commit, are emotionally unavailable, or only into SEX!
  • AND... by learning all of the secrets my clients use to attract the love of a truly magnificent man, they have the tools they need to maintain the relationship and live a love affair for the rest of their life. 

Start your HEALING, GROWING and LOVING Journey with 6,000+ Single, Separated and Divorced Women just like you!

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Meet Fiona May ... 


Fiona May is Transition & Relationship Coach at "Women On Transition".  Fiona's passion is to Empowering Women worldwide to succeed in life and love. Fiona studied under Tony Robbins (world's most respected life coach) and Cloe Madanes (world's best family and relationship therapist) and developed the world's best Post Divorce Program from Women; The Shine Program.  

Fiona studied Strategic Intervention Coaching at Robbins-Madanes Training Centre. Graduated from T.Harv Eker: Quantum Leap University - Train The Trainer, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Master your Mind & Take the Stage. Studied at Success Resources MY: Enlightened Warrior, Wizard Training. Studied Health & Life Sciences at Mastery University. Fiona is a NLP Practitioner with 30 years of Business Management and Leadership Experience, where she grew her own private company to the top 5% of family owner businesses worldwide.  Fiona is a self made, motivated and insightful leader, Professional Personal Development Expert and committed to her Clients Success. 

Hello and Welcome Ladies!...

I'm Fiona May.  It's my honour and pleasure to support and empower you on your post divorce journey.  Whether you are looking to heal your heart, grow your mind or love yourself and attract a magnificent man – this site is the only place you will need to achieve your life and relationship goals. 

This is my story...

I was a former International Businesswoman who retired from a very successful career to pursue my passion of Empowering Women.  I was happily married for 28 years, built multiple businesses, and had 3 children when my “Husbeen” had a midlife crisis and left me for a younger woman… I had never once thought that we weren’t going to grow old together, so I was totally blindsided and never saw it coming.  My kids and I, along with our families and friends were all devastated and life as we knew it was over.  

  • I have loved and lost the man I thought was my forever after…
  • I’ve had my heart broken and felt pain I never knew existed…
  • I’ve questioned everything about who I am and why it happened…

  And then I...

  • Rebuilt myself, my life and my family.
  • Created valuable tools which allowed me to heal, grow and forgive.
  • Created a new future where I am now happier, wiser and living an incredible life I love, on my terms.
  • AND I attracted a Magnificent Man and have an incredible relationship.

Now I help clients all over the world do the same things...

I believe in Women supporting Women… I will hold your hand, straighten your crown, and share the challenges you face… With support, you can get through anything!

If you want to Empower Yourself and create real love in your life, Book a FREE call with Fiona below.

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"True Queens Straighten Other Queen's Crowns without telling the World it was Crooked! Become that Woman!"

Fiona May x

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