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How To Not Feel Alone And Sad This Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of the year again when you scroll through your Facebook feed and see ‘evidence’ of your loneliness.
You see your colleagues and friends post about what a great time they’re having with their loving partner while you’re all by yourself, throwing yourself into work or friends to keep yourself busy.
Thoughts go through your head like:
...how easily your ex-husband had moved on, and will be enjoying Valentine’s Day with his new partner… while you stay stuck, unable to find real happiness even though it’s been years since your separation…
...how you long for quality conversations with a man you can be totally honest and connect with… and why do others get to enjoy love and intimacy when you don’t…
...Is it still possible for you to meet someone who will care for you the way you deserve to be cared for, someone who is your equal and doesn’t take advantage of you…?
... is something wrong with you, causing you to repeat the same mistakes over and over… and why is it so difficult to figure out the future you want for yourself?…
You are burdened with so many roles—the good mother, the hard-working boss, the thoughtful friend… all this you balance despite your own insecurities.
The truth is thatValentine’s day is full of potential traps that might make you feel that you are not enough, that you’re unattractive and unloved. Despite all the self-work and counselling you’ve done in the past, you're back to where you started--feeling purposeless and alone.
This is precisely the time when you need to find support and a better way forward.
You’ve already taken the first step: Reading this post, realising the way you feel and the way you will feel if you don’t do something about it before Valentine’s Day. The next step is to talk to someone who can provide you the RIGHT help.
A big part of you knows you deserve more than this and that you don’t have to keep feeling this way. There is a path forward to a better life if you’re ready to take action. You can be on your way to truly loving yourself, creating a life that fills you with joy and finding a magnificent man who lights up your world.
We’re making ourselves available for you this Valentine’s season because this is the time you need to talk to us the most. Don’t wait ’til you feel alone and sad on Sunday.
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