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As a Divorced or Separated Woman You Feel Like: 

🗸 Life isn’t the same anymore. It can feel pretty lonely and while you try filling your time up with friends, events, work or your children, you still feel empty inside.

🗸 It becomes challenging to let go, even after years of separation it’s hard to flip the page and move forward when fear of making the same mistakes or failing again keeps sabotaging you.

🗸 Prioritising yourself becomes difficult when life is busy. Your physical, mental and emotional energy are precious and you’re unsure of how to make time for everything.

🗸 You might have tried to change your situation in the past, but the  results weren't as good as you wanted or didn't last, and you know you deserve more out of life than living an existence.

🗸 Understanding why or how your life got to where it is, and how you are supposed to deal with it, can just seem so hard that we file it away in the “I’ll get to that later” basket.


What You've Done Hasn't Worked and You Wonder... 

  • Can anyone help me?
  • Does anything out there really work?
  • Is it even possible to “become my best self” or “love myself” like everybody says?
  • How will I trust and love again? What is the first step?
  • How do I know if I’m ready to date again?
  • How do I stop feeling like nobody will want me at my age with my baggage?

How Can You Feel Like Yourself Again and  Become the Happiest Woman You Know. 

🗸 Knowledge is critical, and if you intend to become your best self and live life on your terms, you need to learn new skills to make the path easier.

🗸 Information isn’t enough to create transformation in your life. It takes commitment and the real power of intention.

🗸And while having the information, commitment and intention is a great start, that in itself won’t change your life. It requires taking action! Knowledge is opportunity - Success comes from applying that information into your life.

🗸 We also know that real results are not created from what you do for a day or two with a spark of motivation, because that fades pretty quickly. No, it’s actually the little steps you take consistently on a daily basis to get to your end goal that will create real lasting change in your life and relationships.

We Can Help 


Getting Love & Life Right is a private, online membership site and community where you can learn to live life on your terms and find happiness and love after a relationship loss.  

As a member, you get access to weekly learning modules (Videos, podcasts, interviews etc) and activities that will help you get clarity and overcome the blocks that have been holding you back. 

Plus a supportive community of like-minded women to share your challenges and feel like you aren't alone. 

What You Get

Unique Content With Lessons Every Week That Run On Any Dice 

Core Healing 

Live Coaching Recordings

Guided Meditations 

PDF guides & exercises

Start Your New Life Now

🗸Get Motivated

Join our private Facebook group where you’ll find a community of positive and like-minded women going through the same journey, helping you stay on track and motivated.

🗸Receive Emotional Support

Find all the love, compassion and encouragement you need every time you feel challenged. You can ask questions, engage with other members, connect, support others and build a positive group of new friends.

🗸Be Safe and Secure Online!

The group is a private and confidential community where you are accepted for who you are. Anything you choose to post is only visible to the other supportive ladies in the group. 

Who is Getting Life & Love Right For?


  • This membership site is for women who are committed to changing their life after separation or divorce.
  • Women who want more joy and fulfilment in their life than they are getting right now.
  • Who are looking to find love with a conscious man AND those who prefer to just want to be happy alone.
  • Who want to grow their minds and truly love themselves - and so they can give back to their family and friends.


  • Women who want a “magic pill”. Real change requires personal growth and taking action to fix what isn’t working.
  • It’s not for women who want “rah rah” motivational videos that just make them feel good for 5 minutes. What we do which is life-changing training that opens up your mind, challenges your beliefs and shows you a new way forward.
  • It’s not for women who want the same “popular” advice on the internet. You need to have an open mind and be prepared to try something different if you want different results than you’ve been getting.
Start Your New Life Now

Some of the Training You Will Get Access to When You Join Getting Life & Love Right

How your beliefs empower or disempower you

Are you ready to discover why we act, react and do anything in life?
In this lesson, we talk about the psychological reasons why and how every experience we have had in life affects us now, both consciously and unconsciously. 

It’s a discovery process where you get to analyse yourself, understand and get the chance to change patterns that have been sabotaging your life.

What your break up says about you

In this Training, we go over the different scenarios of a breakup and deep dig into how this has affected your personality and behaviours and therefore your past and future relationships. Knowing this is critical to ensuring you don’t keep making the same mistakes next time.

Are all men just about sex?

In this class, you will get the opportunity to understand what goes on in their minds. What they really care about, why they ghost, leave or just don’t understand the obvious signs we women give them every day. If you want a healthy relationship with a man, understanding how they think is a must.

Start Your New Life Now

How to move on after being cheated on

Cheating is a huge trauma for a lot of women, and moving past it so you can learn how to trust men again is incredibly difficult if you don’t know how. We dig into the thoughts and feelings that come up and why it happens in the first place, so you can ensure it never happens to you again.

Parenting After Divorce

Our kids are one of the most important things to us, and yet, most of us have no idea how to help them heal after the divorce and learn from it in a healthy way. Some kids take sides, some retreat, some lash out. It’s our jobs as mums to be there for them, but how can you do that effectively if you don’t know how to?

Start Your New Life Now

10 Reasons to  Join Getting Life & Love Right

Unique on-demand transformational content - There is plenty of information and opinions in the internet,  on women empowerment, loving yourself and what you should or should not do, however nobody really talks about how to do it effectively or what it really means to move on and change your life. Getting Life and Love Right provides you unique high-quality content that gives you real actionable insights on how to grow your mind and start your personal development journey after separation or divorce. 

Access your content and homework from anywhere at any time - Life is busy and time and energy are valuable, which is why having your daily dose of motivation and personal growth from wherever you are is key. You are able to access all content from your phone, ipad, computer or any device with the internet and not miss out on anything.

Easy and simple to follow content - We get it! Complicated formats, overly “wordy” psychological terms and even just too much content at once can overwhelm you and make it very hard for you to stick to and achieve your goals. Therefore we have strategically designed our lessons to be fun, high content, unique and very easy and simple to follow so that you actually enjoy the experience.

Apply what you learn - How many times have you done a course, read a book or learnt something new and then walk out and do nothing with it? Or perhaps you stick to a new routine for a week or two and fall back into your old habits? We have all been there! Often programs, books or new information we receive don't really sink in and therefore we feel a burst of motivation and energy that quickly leaves us. That is why we have developed exercises you can do that will help you not just take in the information, but understand what it means for your personal situation and then apply that out in the real world. 

Internet safe zone Our membership site and support community are private, closed and completely safe places designed exclusively for our clients. Here you will be accepted for who you are and none of the information you choose to share (at your discretion) will get disclosed to anybody outside of the membership site.

Grow your mind - The tools, content and coaching you will receive as a member is designed to help you acquire new knowledge and grow your consciousness, as that is the only way to move forward in life.

Grow your friendship list - By being a member of “Getting Life & Love Right” you will be allowed to join a closed community of women who are on your same journey. From experience, we have seen beautiful interactions develop into strong friendships from the support women give each other during the process. So you are welcome to engage with and support the other women, ask questions, post your thoughts and homework or even just hang around in the group so you don’t feel alone.

Access world-class coaches - Fiona & Kody are two beautiful souls that have over 40 years of experience between them in self development and have invested hundreds of thousands dollars into their education and coaching. You couldn’t be in better hands. These two are a mother and son team that have gone through the process of Fiona’s divorce and not only understand what you are going through but can empathise with your pain and help you overcome it.

Move up on to luxury programs when you're ready - Getting Life & Love Right is the low-cost Women on Transition membership site, built for women who want to put their foot on the door and start their healing journey. However, when you want to really get deep and create transformational growth in your life and relationships with intense coaching, access to Live Q&A calls with Fiona and Kody and a structured step by step 12 week program that takes you from where you are to where you want to be, “THE SHINE PROGRAM” is your best option. By being a member of the membership site you would have had an advantage of having started making some breakthroughs that will facilitate more deep work and intense transformation. 

Access and keep your homework E-books - As well as getting access to all previous and new video and audio content you get homework e-books that you can download, print and fill in on your own time to really cement your learning and growth. Those are yours forever and you are able to take them with you wherever you go.


Today I look forward with an open heart, so grateful that I gave myself this time and opportunity by investing in myself. I now look ahead with genuine optimism and appreciation for myself and my life and look forward to building & sharing relationships full of love & authenticity.
My heartfelt thanks to Fiona, Kody & Team.


Fiona is a wonderful and talented coach. You just need to do the work so you will get the outstanding results as well. If you commit fully, the results are as unexpected as they are unbelievably good! I will be forever grateful. 

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